Digital Management with ERP/CRM

The Producam company is incorporated under Cameroonian law. It was created in 1980. It manufactures consumer goods. It had a balanced staff and the top management did not have many problems.

In the mid-2000s, the introduction of computerized accounting, allowing productivity gains by automating a large number of manual and repetitive tasks, shook up all the company's professions.

At the beginning of the 2010s, all repetitive tasks were computerized:

  • Order entry,
  • Production orders,
  • Billing…

specific commercial management (CRM), production management (CAPM) and accounting management applications communicated with each other. However, the scheduling of operations still remains manual, but delivery times are not critical: customers agree to wait a week, or even more, before being delivered.

At the start of 2020 and with the global health crisis, the situation changed: the commitment to a delivery date and compliance with the deadline are a commercial argument and make the difference. Logistics management is necessary to schedule flows between dealers (order taking), sales departments, factories, warehouses and new dealers (delivery).

Today, top management wants to meet the wishes of its customers in order to retain them, the company therefore plans to equip itself with Customer Care tools (which could be translated as customer management) which, beyond simple commercial management, allows you to monitor changes in customer demands, market trends, and the sale of the most requested products. Likewise, the company aims to facilitate relations with its suppliers by implementing an Extranet platform allowing it to exchange information, data and services with them. Employees must therefore adapt.

Companies are increasingly doing things like Producam to stay competitive.

On the other hand, with globalization and the encouragement of entrepreneurship, many business creators want to be able to manage their business remotely: This is Management 4.0


What is Management 4.0?

Management 4.0 is part of the fourth managerial revolution, characterized by the incorporation of digital elements to transform businesses. It is a response to new managerial requirements, guaranteeing real-time data collection for more effective decision-making.

Essentially, Management 4.0 revolves around two main principles:

  • Modernizing the industry through technology and observing customer behavior.
  • The intersection of these concepts allows the business to be managed more strategically, in addition to enabling more creative and innovative ways of generating revenue.

Every business already uses technology on a daily basis, even if it's just to send emails. Management 4.0 is a natural path towards digital transformation, implementing more complex solutions into business routines whose benefits can be:

  • More agility and safer decisions
  • Increased profitability, thanks to more strategic choices for your business.
  • Finished products with more added value
  • Competitive market advantages
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improvement of the relationship between managers and teams




The first good news is that it is easy to start a business, just one day would be enough. The second piece of good news is that business management will be around forever. But the bad news is that it will take a lifetime to master it, because things won't always be the way you learned. Over the next decade, business management will be rethought from A to Z, as human and social needs evolve over time.



Centered on

Centered on

Value -centered

Centered on



Satisfy and
retain customers

Make our
world a
better place

Mi them understand the customer's decisions

Marketing Concept

Product development




Value proposition


Functional and emotional

Functional, emotional and spiritual

Personalized experience

Marketing Guidelines

Product specifications

Company and product positioning

Mission, vision and corporate values

Taking Innovation into Account

Consumer interaction

One-to-Many Transaction



One-to-One Relationship



Many-to-Many Collaboration



Connecting consumers to each other



However, in Cameroon in particular, a developing country, we straddle these 4 Management Approaches (Table above). And the Management 4.0 approach is the one involving ERP/CRM in the Digital era. Totally integrated into this new movement, LE Mangement Digital has grown considerably in recent years, becoming the best tool for making a business efficient.


We are launching a training program to help professionals wishing to master this field


This training program is therefore aimed at all those who need to use digital technology within their current or future organization. As an independent entrepreneur, a young start-up you have to manage everything. You need to ensure the implementation of a global strategy, CRM for the management of your prospects and customers, an ERP for the management of your operations and accounting, the monitoring of your processes and at controlled costs. We will guide you step by step to be able to do it effectively.

As students, job seekers and people undergoing professional retraining or wishing to refine their knowledge, you will find in this training the essentials to master digital in two ways. The first is on a personal basis. We will show you how to develop your employability through personal work on your management skills (process optimization) and informed decision-making (business intelligence). The second is in a professional capacity. With this training, you will develop your skills in digital management, you will have mastery of complete business management software.

Therefore this training is a key; to help you become more independent, develop new management methods and better engage with your communities.