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In an industry where today's breakthroughs will soon seem as antiquated as outdated antennas, companies in the industry need a strategy that allows them to be the disturber, not the disturbed. Our media and entertainment consulting expertise provides the data, insights and tools to anticipate the future, scale as needed and transform rapidly.

Consumers of content are firmly in the driver's seat, demanding more choice, personalization and interactivity. At the same time, despite an increasing number of ways to reach your audience, engaging them has never been harder. Behind it all, digital technologies are continually redefining the way entertainment and media products are produced, distributed, consumed and monetized.

Our experts develop the business models, strategies and capabilities (technical and human) that drive transformation, insight, innovation and value. They are supported by a network of data science experts, digital business leaders, IT experts and thought leaders in fields such as psychology and organization, marketing and sales and pricing. It is a holistic approach that we apply through.

Technology and consumer media companies are redefining consumer expectations and creating disruption across industries. As one of the most diverse and fastest growing industries in the world, encompassing video, audio, games, publishing, e-commerce, marketplaces and sports professionals, we help leaders navigate this rapid change and uncover opportunities for growth.


Technology, consumer and media companies don't just look to the future, they define it. We help unlock their full potential, so they can turn possibilities into reality. And move the world forward.

Our main levers include:

Growth Tech. The future of television Digital Inclusion
Bold ideas shape the future, if nurtured and executed the right way. Growth technologies are startups and hypergrowth companies that invent and implement radically new solutions using technology. We help them on this journey, collaborating on topics such as pricing and monetization, organization design and operating model, to help growth technologies unlock value and scale their activities quickly. Digital disruption is transforming the creation, distribution and consumption of television content. We work with companies at all levels of the TV ecosystem, helping them master the capabilities that are increasingly essential to adapt and succeed in a changing market. Chief among these enablers: analytics, personalization, pricing and partnerships Digital connectivity empowers individuals and societies. Yet just over half of the world's population has access to broadband. New 5G technologies have the potential to bridge the digital divide, bringing fast, high-capacity networks to more users. But digital inclusion isn't just about infrastructure: it's also about affordability and education. We work with technology industry, consumer and media clients to develop the policies, strategies and partnerships needed to bring more people, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, into the digital age.

Designers have never been closer to consumers. As the lines blur between technology, marketing, media, internet and commerce, disruptors and incumbents compete for the same consumer attention that is essential to generating revenue from consumer fees, advertising and commercial expenses.

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