Production and Manufacturing Industries

We propel our contractors with advanced Industry 4.0 technologies that enable them to reinvent their capabilities and adopt business models solution-focused.

Globalization creates an uncertain future for production and processing industries. New players from all over the world are entering the African market unhindered by the business models encountered. In this context, the status quo is not an option. Regardless of their specific industry sector (chemicals, construction, machinery, etc.), these companies must think beyond their traditional business and operating models to choose where and how to create value in the future. Companies in the sector are therefore faced with the need for change and must redefine themselves, with their offers and their way of doing business. We combine deep expertise in digital transformation, industry 4.0, advanced analytics, cost transformation, organizational design and other disciplines to help develop and execute a winning strategy .

We also help improve all critical aspects of operations - from supply chain and operating models to customer experience, sales, B2B marketing and engineering excellence - so that you achieve significantly higher levels of efficiency and become a performance leader. Our experience can help you navigate industry consolidation, analyze long-term market scenarios, and stay ahead of a highly dynamic industry.

Our main levers include:

Value creation and growth Customer focus. Business Intelligence.
In an industry often seen as fast-paced, investors react to bold moves. We help manufacturers identify strategic partnership deals, technology investments and deals that drive growth. We help reimagine the customer journey from the customer's perspective, so companies can improve touchpoints, response times, and quality while delivering seamless interactions, greater transparency, and personalized service.< /td> We help manufacturers leverage data science, especially Artificial Intelligence, to inform decision-makers and transform decision-making.
Productivity Innovation Agility
The uncertain situation in the industrial sector, with big fish arriving from all over the world at any time, should encourage manufacturers to focus on five key areas requiring a proactive response: distribution, customer service , operations, organization and production management. We help identify and deliver productivity improvements that accelerate this response. Those who adopt an innovative mindset can come out on top. Our industry experts partner with the Innovation Academy to deliver near-term impact and fuel longer-term plant transformations. It allows teams to move faster and with greater autonomy. We help manufacturing companies embrace agility at scale and accelerate product development.

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