High consumption products

As agility and intimacy with the consumer become more and more critical, we support our clients to manage disruptions, anticipate risks and to become and remain an industry leader

Consumer goods companies have been dealing with turbulence and disruption for years. An environment with a weak industrial fabric and a high import rate, massive changes in consumer behavior, supply chain shocks and competition from new players are just some of the factors that are holding back the growth. The focus on sustainability, and tougher finance laws every year, are forcing consumers and businesses at every stage of the value chain to rethink their habits, priorities and ways of doing business.

Despite these pressures, a good strategy can help you stay the course. By reshaping portfolios, revamping go-to-market models and striving for operational efficiency, scale leaders can successfully stay on top.

With WA&CO, develop a winning strategy:

  • Take a strategic approach that will enable you to reach your full potential with today's business while moving rapidly towards your future vision.
  • Accelerate your brand growth, even in slow-growing categories, and become a true partner to merchants, managing large accounts more efficiently than ever.
  • Turn your supply chains into competitive weapons.
  • Reshape your brand portfolios through strategic mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, to achieve scale, tap into new growth areas or acquire new capabilities. We can help you optimize target selection, due diligence and value creation, supported by the right M&A strategy and integration expertise.
  • Simplify, accelerate and lighten operating models to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization
  • Integrate sustainability into your strategy, to turn it from a challenge into an opportunity.

Our primes include companies in the food, beverage, personal and household care, consumer durables, apparel and footwear, recreational products, and other industries. The breadth of our experience and expertise, combined with our extensive ecosystem of best-in-class partners, ensures that we tailor powerful solutions that meet your exact needs.

Know your customer Digital Marketing
From agri-food to consumer goods, managing a product portfolio requires new methods of action on customer knowledge. To guide brand investment and redesign segmentations, our strategic approach maps what drives consumer choices in each category or niche so you can build advantaged positions with high growth potential. Reaching digital marketing maturity is an industry-wide challenge for the FMCG industry. We help businesses integrate digital tools, collaborate with digital marketing and marketing automation talent, blend creative infographic minds to drive results.
Innovation Strategy Personalization
Whether it's product, service or business model innovation, we start by looking outside your organization to understand the trends that are shaping demand, and then we we look inward to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current consumer product innovation system. By combining viewpoints, we identify the most attractive areas for investment. To reach your consumers, you need to know where they are looking, how they are buying, and even precisely when they are ready to buy. Using 360˚ consumer profiles, enhanced by AI systems and retail partnerships, we can help you create targeting tailored to specific channels and able to be extended to capture a massive market share.

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