Strategic Transformation

We lead organizations to transform themselves with regard to technological, cultural and societal developments, and we support them in becoming more agile, innovative and inspiring.

Your challenges

  • The new deal: Companies are measuring the need to take their impact into account by integrating their social and environmental responsibilities at the heart of their strategy. The regulatory framework encourages companies to transform themselves by reconciling meaning and performance: a real opportunity to redefine the foundations, the raison d'être and the mission of the company to provide a readable reading of the company's project for all its stakeholders, in particular employees and customers.
  • The explosion of data: The democratization of digital across all sectors of activity has a strong impact on operating methods and interactions within companies. Information is becoming accessible to all levels of the company and in new work contexts (teleworking, collaborative spaces, etc.). These changes require rethinking organizations, processes and the s tools to optimize operating methods, employee relations and customer relations
  • Work reports to be reinvented: Employee expectations are changing, companies are measuring the commitment of their employees and implement daily actions aimed at employee satisfaction. These new practices lead to reshaping organizations, operating methods, and managerial practices, particularly with a view to symmetry of attention: applying to employees the treatment that we would like them to apply to customers
  • A particularly dynamic competitive ecosystem: The emergence of pure players, the emergence of new players in a context of globalization, the requirement to accelerate innovation cycles, push companies to reinvent themselves always faster.

Our Approach

– CoMeasuring the impact for companies of social, societal and environmental changes.
– Inspire through concrete cases, successes of companies that have integrated their environmental and societal responsibility at the heart of their strategy
– Identify ''scenarios'' of the company's posture vis-à-vis stakeholders: what identity? what personality? what promise?
SUPPORTING CUSTOMER TRANSFORMATIONS– Launch transformation projects involving operational teams in the development of the customer culture.
– Support transformations from a product-oriented organization to a customer-oriented organization
– Define postures, attitudes and managerial rituals
– Redesign customer journeys, processes, tools and organizations in an innovative co-construction approach
– Driving transformation through measuring customer satisfaction and product quality
< strong>ACCOMPANIING COMMERCIAL TRANSFORMATIONS– Launch transformation projects sales production models by distribution channel or reorganization of the sales function
– Define organizations and new operating methods by sales channel
– Equip the sales function in terms of sales practices, management of managerial activity and postures
STRUCTURING AND LAUNCHING TRANSFORMATIONS– Define and manage transformation plans whatever the driver of change: environmental and societal impact, securing quality of service, internationalization of the activity , digitization of methods, acceleration of the pace of innovation.
– Co-construct new employee experiences based on the analysis of the company's operating methods.
Build all the indicators   ;customer & collaborator» to steer and ensure the measurement systems to be put in place.
– Work on the governance of the project with strong sponsorship from top management.
SUPPORTING CHANGE WITHIN THE COMPANY– Documenting the new organization and the transformations carried out.
– Formalizing and delivering training and support systems: workshops & seminars, training, coaching, evolution of managerial postures...
– Understand, inspire, share the meaning of the transformation project.


  • Insurance Perception Change Strategy for an Association of Insurance Companies.