We help real estate organizations and infrastructure managers maximize the value of their investments and transform their businesses.

Changes in technology, globalization and the way people use real estate and infrastructure in Africa have dramatically disrupted the industry. Today's leaders are creating change that matters by focusing on the customer experience, harnessing the power of customer centrism and technology, and innovating their business models.

For example, a mall owner needs to know what's cutting edge in retail experience design, while an office developer with financial services tenants needs understand the latest technologies in banking artificial intelligence, physical security and talent attraction. We partner with organizations to maximize value, transform their businesses and develop the new capabilities needed to win.


As African people rapidly change how and where they work, travel and live, profound changes are occurring in the sector. Only the most daring, disciplined and innovative businesses will thrive. We'll make sure you're among them.

Our main levers include:

Occupants Optimization of business real estate Development vision and economic master plan
Reimagine the value and role of space for occupants taking into account the rapid changes in the way the African works, lives, entertains and shops, such as the future of work, the place of work for office occupants and new store formats and footprints for retail. Maximize the value of corporate real estate with our proprietary diagnostic that assesses whether real estate choices support corporate strategic goals and operating models, attract and retain talent, meet sustainability goals and can ensure continuous delivery at optimal cost. Perform an objective review of a project before funding or contracting, identifying key value drivers and risks and equipping the development team with the necessary tools and information.

Successful companies in the industry have turned to us for commercial due diligence on many of the biggest projects of the past decade, and we are also a recognized reference.

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