Business Development

We support our customers in optimizing their distribution strategy by taking advantage of the complementarity of all online and offline sales channels

New customer needs: In B2B or B2C, customer needs are changing: needs for personalization, immediacy, advice which are all elements of reassurance to trigger the act of purchase .

Resources to grow: Increasing your income is essential to the survival and development of your business in the long term.

The irruption of digital: The share of sales on digital channels is growing, whether web or mobile. At the same time, digital helps provide more information to customers, gives them easier access to competing offers and influences their choices. The emergence of new online distribution models calls into question the distribution strategy of brands.

Sales models to be reinvented: Traffic in points of sale is challenged by online sales. More than an opposition, it is the complementarity between these distribution networks that must be improved, in omnichannel and with common objectives to avoid competition between these channels. Brands must restore value to their points of sale and commercial teams.

Give salespeople the best tools: The best salesperson is still the one who has the most information and can convince his client in real time. Commercial 4.0 is equipped with clienteling tools and makes the link with automation marketing platforms and social networks which have become essential drivers of commercial performance.


Winning companies don't just talk about customer experience, they sell and market in a way that's both practical and relevant to customers. Traditional approaches do not promote this transparent simplicity. What is needed is a new paradigm: an integrated unification of marketing and sales. We help companies develop the underlying human and technical capabilities that enable a more agile marketing and sales organization focused on the end value perceived by the customer.


Marketing Strategy A marketing strategy defines your business goals, including who your ideal customers are and how you plan to reach them. It includes a competitive analysis, describes your target audiences and the appropriate communication channels. It details your value proposition and formulates the key messages to communicate. It can include an action plan sequenced over time, with performance indicators and budget monitoring.
Notoriety The brand is today one of the main assets of any company. It is essential to manage it in a professional manner to give your company an image that matches your ambitions and is adapted to your market. An effective brand strategy will also allow you to retain your customers, increase your revenue per customer and increase your awareness through specific actions.
Business development plan To help you conquer your markets, you need a plan. This defines the distribution channels adapted to each target. It presents the tools and sales procedures. The plan also precisely describes the commercial policy, the organization of the sales team and the management of information within it.
Improving the sales force Even the best trading strategies won't get results if the front line can't execute. We help you hire, train and motivate sales teams that deliver exceptional performance.
Ecommerce Today more than ever, customers live, play, work, shop and buy online. We bring together marketing and business strategy, design and architecture, data and personalization, and execution to deliver excellence and value in e-commerce.
Business Analytics Customers are rapidly changing the way they learn about and buy products and offers. We help transform the Business Analytic approach of companies by integrating the tools, data and analytics that drive sales activity into their marketing and sales strategy.


1. Goal

In order to increase the performance of its sales force, a local digital services company wanted to strengthen its “Sales Force Impact” program by putting a special effort into technical training. Project management has been delegated to one of the experts from WAT&CO. For several months, our consultant worked closely with various teams of our client in order to create, deploy and administer a tailor-made training program.

2. Increase performance through quality training

Training is a lever for commercial efficiency. In B2B and especially for high-tech products, it is not enough to make brochures, presentations and videos and make them available to sellers, however competent they may be, for product sales to take off. It is essential that the sellers, in line with the marketing strategy, understand the target market, the profile of the personae, the benefits brought by the products, the objections and the competition they will face as well as the technical context of use of the products. The articulation of these elements can be complex when it comes to high-tech products requiring significant and long-term investments on the part of customers.

Our team began with a regulatory analysis with our lawyer partners, then proceeded to collect data through the search for existing documentation and qualitative interviews with potential customers and various market players (competitors, partners and service providers). notably).

3. Steering

Once the training plan was defined, our expert managed its creation. Various internal (in particular the teams responsible for creating the products) and external (independent technical experts, university professors, customers, etc.) expertise was called upon to develop the content, in the form of presentations or short videos. Bringing in this complementary expertise has made it possible to create training courses combining e-learning and face-to-face training that are dynamic and adapted to the realities of the market.

Each course was followed by employees in different geographical areas.

This mandate also included operational support for the deployment of face-to-face training, the coordination and monitoring of courses for each product and certifications. Our expert took charge of the organization of face-to-face training sessions, in addition to online resources. Thus, twice a quarter, all the salespeople were brought together to compare their experiences and their successes and perfect their learning. These sessions were an opportunity to carry out practical exercises such as role-playing games to train salespeople to support an argument in difficult conditions.

To carry out these various projects and optimize exchanges with our client's teams, our expert joined the company part-time for several months. During the first phase of the mandate, the training plan was developed and deployed on a range of specific products. The success and satisfaction obtained made it possible to then replicate it on all the products.

4. Results
  • A training course for 15+ high-tech products
  • 3 certification programs
  • 3 certification programs
  • 50+ training materials available for the whole company