Market strategy

More than ever, commercial excellence requires a smart go-to-market strategy. We'll help you deploy resources more efficiently to get your products to customers through the right channels.

Your challenge

  • Societal changes to adapt to or take advantage of:: Whether demographic, geographical, sociological or environmental, societal or behavioral changes push companies to innovate, diversify their activities and expand into new markets.
  • Market concentration and hyper-competition: : you face both the emergence of new competitors who are challenging your model, thanks to their capacity for innovation and the excellence of the experience offered to their customers, and globalization which offers the opportunity for economies of scale and drives the development of behemoths to remain competitive.
  • Pressure on margins: The reduction in your margins pushes you to develop your sales volumes to maintain the level of results, and to expand into new growth markets.
  • The rise of new technologies: Digital offers many new opportunities that you want to seize to address new markets: connected objects, 4G, autonomous car, artificial intelligence, new forms of payment , e-health, new retail, etc...

Our approach

Customers, not markets, buy your products. It is therefore essential that you offer the right offers at the right price and at the right time through the most effective channels. We help you develop an effective and pragmatic market strategy, rooted in a deep understanding of your customers. We combine deep functional expertise in sales, marketing, pricing and product management with a rich collection of tools and references, and we address key organizational issues (including sales force mobilization and change management) essential to ensure you achieve and maintain excellent results.

Identify the impact of societal trends on your strategies

  • We analyze the key factors changing your market such as consumer trends, consumer engagement, new digital uses or the emergence of new technologies on the market.
  • We analyze the key factors changing your market such as consumer trends, consumer engagement, new digital uses or the emergence of new technologies on the market

Define strategic positioning in a market

  • Help us reveal the unique character of your brand or one of your products on your market based on its own characteristics: territories occupied, value provided to customers, simplified uses, technologies made available.

Explore new markets

  • We help you diversify your activities: new targets, new offers, new geographies.
  • We identify new business models for you by finding sources of inspiration “out of the box”
  • We carry out strategic due diligence to assess the investment potential in your business
  • We support you in managing the evolution of your company's strategic portfolio of activities.

Designing strategic partnerships

  • We analyze opportunities to strengthen you through an alliance strategy
  • We identify and select the key players in the market
  • We set up partnerships through win-win strategies

We help clients in all industries design comprehensive go-to-market strategies based on deep market knowledge and the understanding that a unique product portfolio requires a unique approach. Whether you sell products with your own sales force or through channel partners, you can improve your performance by making data-driven choices for every product, every territory, and every type of purchase your customers make.


Opportunity study to enter a new market segment for one of the leaders in e-commerce.