In a challenging environment, WAT&CO helps companies regain their competitiveness and create value through strategy, scale and new technologies in the reusable energy sector.

To sustainably support the economic development of the countries in our CIMA zone, companies in the energy and natural resources sector as well as their customers must push their limits in terms of operational performance, innovation and knowledge. rethink the contours of their markets. WAT&CO's energy sector experts support players in electricity, renewable energies, utilities and petrochemicals, in order to help them reach their full potential in terms of operational excellence and accelerate their growth.

How we support companies in the healthcare sector:

Our service offering

  • Strategy in a context of uncertainty: understand the various possible evolutions of the energy markets in order to take the best decisions as quickly as possible.
  • WAT Digital 360®: build a medium-long term digital vision and create short-term momentum through a series of digital initiatives.
  • WAT Results®: achieve tangible and lasting results through the anticipation, measurement and proactive management of change risks from the early stages of the program
  • Co-creation approach: mobilize the collective energy of your employees in order to stimulate the generation of new ideas, unite teams and obtain rapid results.
  • WAT&CO Zero Base Budget: implement continuous performance management to ensure that every euro is spent in the service of your strategy. The Zero Base Budget approach goes hand in hand with Bain's Zero Base reorganization which, from a blank page, simplifies the company's operating model and core processes to reduce cost and complexity. It simplifies the daily life of your employees and improves the efficiency of their work.
  • Accelerated Transformation of WAT&CO: quickly identify and seize revenue and cost savings opportunities when the company is in a period of urgent and deep financial restructuring.

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