Clothing, Cosmetics, Fashion & Luxury

Our pioneering expertise and spirit of innovation enable our apparel, cosmetics, fashion and luxury clients to drive change and thrive in a rapidly changing and unpredictable industry.

As the pace of industry change accelerates, it is increasingly important to have innovative and sustainable business models. Consumers in Africa have responded to globalization by shifting to value, buying online and breaking longstanding loyalties to try new brands that address new priorities. We are helping our industry outsourcers respond to this consumer-driven environment, finding bold ways to cut costs so they can invest in critical digital capabilities.

The fashion, cosmetics and luxury landscape in Africa today presents exciting opportunities: consumers are buying into values, granting more and more business to companies that have a positive and natural impact about the company using as little chemicals as possible. Africans are increasingly migrating towards natural products. In response, fashion brands and retailers will need to consolidate their position and deliver on their commitments. Our in-depth understanding of the trends shaping this industry allows us to develop a strategy that meets current and future needs.


We advise all departments along the value chain: consumer insights, value proposition, strategy, product creation, supply chain, channels and stores.

Our main levers include:

Digital Strategy Omnichannel supply chain. Speed ​​and merchandising.
We co-create digital strategies with our clients to identify value down to e-commerce sub-channels; achieve growth through personalization; implement omnichannel experience and direct-to-consumer acceleration programs; manage data and advanced analytical transformations; and guide projects to successful execution with digital roadmaps and pilots for implementation. Our workshops use exclusive solutions and tools. We help organizations define and implement an omnichannel supply chain strategy that balances four key trade-offs - agility, flexibility, sustainability and value - and is rooted in the consumer and customer experience . These focus areas include end-to-end omnichannel readiness assessment; optimize integrated business planning processes and capabilities across merchandising, allocation, supply chain and finance teams; redesigning the physical distribution center and store footprint; and transitioning from technology infrastructure to service and achieving a segmented omnichannel strategy. We're helping accelerate end-to-end product creation and increase in-season response by rethinking product creation schedules. This helps streamline processes and clarify roles and responsibilities within an organization. Through the digitization of processes and the analysis of consumer data, we apply insights to merchandising and correct assortment sizing to ensure customer focus. Additionally, we create actionable, consumer-centric merchandising frameworks and help integrate features.

Using a zero-based redesign, we work with you on an operating model transformation that scales areas without headcount, reinvesting savings into marketing, data and analytics, which speeds up forecasting and business decision-making while offering a 10%-30% discount. % of net cost.

Companies operating in the luxury industry today must optimize their performance, exploit new opportunities.

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