ERP/CRM activities

According to CAMERCAP-PARC, the Center for Analysis and Research on Economic and Social Policy (CAMERCAP-PARC) under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Territorial development (MINEPAT), The analysis of the demographic characteristics of SMEs reveals that the average survival rate of companies created is 27.7% five years after their creation. So more than 70% of the companies created do not survive more than 5 years. "The absence of assistance", or even "the poor supervision of young entrepreneurs" being cited as factors explaining why more than 70% of the companies created do not survive more than 5 years, the operational consulting firm WAT&CO has therefore seen day, with the mission to: Create value for its clients according to their context, by offering realistic and executable recommendations to help them make the best decisions in terms of growth for their business.

As a pillar of our strategy, we began by influencing education by supporting training for young students. For nearly 05 years, our consultants have been training in the installation and use of ERP/CRM. We can quote:

1-Academic and professional ERP/CRM configuration courses

The Director of Innovation and Operations of our Firm William Nelson ATOUNDEM is the senior main trainer of the course Setting up an ERP (low Syllabus) of the Quality Management sector of the course BTS and one of the examiners for the BTS practical exams. Practical tests based on Dolibarr which remains the only open source ERP/CRM adapted to student training. Our recently created Professional Training Institute (IFP WAT&CO) aims to broaden the spectrum of training, also reaching out to young students and professionals who have not completed the Quality Management course.

The content of this course is:

  • Definition of an ERP (theoretical part)
  • Notion of operational coverage and degree of integration (theoretical part)
  • Impact of ERP in a company or an industrial and commercial group (theoretical part)
  • Structure of the information system in an ERP (theoretical part)
  • ERP implementation project management: evaluation, deployment, project management (Practical part)
  • Configuration of the information system (Practical part)
  • Management of information flow through services and processes (Practical part)
  • Planning and management of production and sales with an ERP (Practical part)
  • Using the functionalities of IT tools for the global supply chain (Practical part)

2- ERP/CRM deployment and customization services: Implementation of Dolibarr, Configuration of dolibarr, and Use of Dolibarr according to the context of the company.

Our team of Experts supports in the implementation of ERP or CRM projects of our clients (Service companies, Industries, Trade companies, Training institutes, Companies in the health sector, Companies in the sector catering, care and beauty companies…):

  • Definition of needs, in line with the principles of the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis).
  • Creation of an action plan for the deployment of your ERP/CRM, in line with strategic and tactical requirements.
  • Support for the acquisition/rental of a local or remote server and a domain name if remote server.
  • Installation and configuration of the Dolibarr ERP/CRM.
  • Specific developments on the ERP/CRM, in the event of adaptation of the modules or the development of new modules, according to the needs defined upstream.
  • Training in the use of the tool.

Parameterization test of a Dolibarr ERP in Cameroon