Health Sector

WAT&CO helps private and public healthcare leaders make healthcare better, more affordable and more accessible for millions of people around the world.

Rapidly changing market dynamics, regulatory forces and consumer expectations continually add new layers of complexity to the healthcare industry. Our healthcare consulting expertise is based on a detailed understanding of every player in the value chain, from physicians and patients to drug buyers, developers and manufacturers. Our interdisciplinary knowledge helps drive innovation, reduce costs, optimize digital technologies, and achieve maximum, sustainable value. We operate as one practice, with expertise in pharmaceuticals, medical technology, healthcare buyers, and healthcare providers and services, bringing a diverse and deep experience to every engagement.

How we support companies in the healthcare sector:

  • Accelerating R&D to develop innovative therapies and diagnostics
  • Improving and providing new treatments and models of health care
  • Designing cross-sector partnerships to accelerate innovation and provide access to life-saving treatment and care.
  • Building supply chain resilience and improving sustainability through environmental, social and governance objectives.
  • Transforming next-generation business models with digital, data and analytics.
  • Transforming and strengthening healthcare strategies, capacities and ways of working for resilience and continued growth
  • Accelerating Analytics, Data, and Digital Transformation
  • Health capacity building, including emergency preparedness, global health security, infectious diseases, epidemics and pandemics

Our healthcare experts do this through a commitment to innovation, collaboration and cutting-edge expertise. At WAT&CO, we aim to create positive change in the health systems of our CIMA zone, for our customers as well as for patients and society - by helping customers achieve medical breakthroughs, innovative treatments and transformative patient experiences.< /p>

Our main levers include:

Medications Medical Technology
From R&D, to supply chain and operations, to all facets of commercialization, pharmaceutical and biotech companies must execute flawlessly in all dimensions if they hope to win. Innovative devices and products, integrated platforms, and digitally powered sales and service models are rapidly changing the MedTech landscape. We support you in developing the right strategies and executing them perfectly.
Health Care Buyers Health care providers and services.
We help improve market share in low-growth areas; build and buy in new high-growth markets; improve the medical loss rate; deploy analytics to derive powerful insights from data; improve the member experience; and automation. Cost pressures and the global impact of healthcare reform are just two of the many challenges facing healthcare providers in Africa. To gain and maintain a winning position, we support our clients in having the right strategy, supported by a carefully adapted operating model and a mastery of change management.

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