Business creation

One in two companies goes bankrupt within 5 years of its creation: poor strategic positioning, lack of liquidity, unsuitable financing, excessive investments, cash flow problems. But this is not inevitable ! We support project leaders in the formalization and legalization of their companies. We help define the priorities and what you need to know to create a business in a changing world.

Your challenges

You are an entrepreneur: You want to achieve professional success and want to work as a freelancer by innovating or by pursuing the same activity on your own account.

You are looking for ideas: You have financial resources, but you have no ideas. Or you don't have a precise idea yet, and you want to find a promising sector.

You are a foreign company in Europe, Asia, Oceania or America: and you wish to establish yourself in Africa CIMA zone in general and in Cameroon in particular?

You are in the informal sector: And you want to formalize your activity to be more credible in front of large customers and increase your market share?

You want to understand sustainability: It's one thing to work here and now. It is quite another to work for the future. WAT&CO's market research provides quantifiable data that can help determine the current state of the market and predict where it might go, two facts necessary to position businesses for the greatest potential for success.

You want to understand the market potential: how profitable is your solution?

You want to understand the characteristics of the market: The same single message is no longer effective, you cannot expect your customers to operate and make purchasing decisions the same way. Therefore, you need to consider all the aspects that drive different customers to buy your service.


Contributing to the success of your entrepreneurial project, and to the overall resolution of your business problem is our commitment. With our multidisciplinary teams and our entire network of professional partners, our desire is to go further in supporting the business manager by positioning the notion of “added value” at the center of our relationships. We want to work with you “in concert(æ)”, in a relationship of trust.


Market Opportunity Studies Know where to compete and how to win. WAT&CO excels in conducting market opportunity studies that support go-to-market strategies to drive profitable growth.
Choice of leader status The choice of your status as manager is essential, since it determines, among other things, the quality of your social protection. After a personalized study of your family situation and your professional background, WAT&CO will be able to direct you to the most suitable solution.
Choice of legal form The choice of the legal form of your company can considerably modify the exercise of your activity. Our advisers are responsible for presenting the different possible statuses, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, to allow you to choose the one best suited to your profile and your business project.
Carrying out legal formalities With our legal advice, we take care of all the steps and legal formalities necessary for the takeover or transfer of your company, respecting your wishes as well as those of your partners, but also taking into account the specificities of your activity.
Post-business creation support The success of a company is played from the first stages of its creation, but also after its launch! To support you as well as possible during this post-creation period, we set up a personalized follow-up including in particular a dashboard allowing you to follow the progress of your project in relation to the activity forecast, and to carry out any adjustments. Your referent expert remains at your side to answer your questions during your face-to-face appointments.


1. Goal

An entrepreneur had an idea for starting a chocolate production business. He had a sum of money, an idea about the market and the demand. He called on our services to get the necessary insurance to get started.

2. The need for clear and objective information

In order to support him in his thinking, a Cameroonian entrepreneur called on our team. Our mission was to support him in the creation of his chocolate business. The objective was to provide the customer with the assurance and the action plan necessary to supply chocolate products of the same value as those of the leader. In complete confidentiality, this work had to be done without the competition being aware. Also considering the similar projects that have failed, our entrepreneur also wanted all the necessary strategy to prevent his project from failing. This objective and reliable information that we should serve, would serve as the basis for the launch of the realization of the chocolate factory.

Our team began with a regulatory analysis with our lawyer partners, then proceeded to collect data through the search for existing documentation and qualitative interviews with potential customers and various market players (competitors, partners and service providers). notably).

3. Steering

The information collected allowed us to have an overview and analysis of the various issues of the cocoa sector in Cameroon with giants such as Cargill and Barry Callebaut. Based on the data collected, we studied the general consequences for each of the entrepreneurs in the sector. Then, we conducted a demand analysis and a competition analysis. We have understood the root causes of the failure of companies wanting to make good chocolate. The consequence being that the company which does not anticipate finds itself either to close, or to manufacture bad chocolate to survive. However, our leader wanted to produce good chocolate, to compete with the leader. This was the subject of the second phase.

In a second phase, we conducted an assessment of the various unofficial and unofficial stakeholders of the chocolate market in Cameroon. We then developed a workaround strategy that we declined into an action plan. We also assessed the risks for each of the action plans. Finally we have with our notary partner the creation of the company on the legal level.

4. Results
  • 12 individual interviews carried out
  • 01 Developed strategy, business plan and statutes
  • 05 competitors analyzed