Performance of People and Organizations

Success relies on your most critical resource, your people, with the support of the right structures, systems and skills. We will help you Engage the hearts and minds of your employees and teams to deliver superior performance.

Your challenge

  • How to grow sustainably while maintaining an insurgent state of mind?
  • How to gain efficiency while remaining flexible?
  • How do you initiate and scale innovation while continuing to execute proven processes?

We help you balance all of these considerations and more, ensuring you attract and retain great talent and effectively manage organizational change

Our approach

Today, getting the right people to work the right way is harder than ever. Often, achieving change is treated as discrete challenges rather than an approach to your organization's ecosystem. From your employee value proposition to your operating model, every part of your organization should be set up to activate talent and drive momentum.

Moving from strategy to action

  • We learn your unique context to help you translate strategy into action, from company-wide change to rapidly reskilling your workforce.

Manage change

  • We address both the head and the core of change, leveraging insights and data for action to enable new behaviors and embed new ways of working.

Capacity Building

  • We focus on building capacity from day one, taking the time to understand your organization so we can equip your people with the structure, systems and skills to succeed long after we're gone

Establish strategic workforce planning to unleash the power of employees

  • We empower and enable companies to design and deliver programs that build their own capabilities at all levels of their organization. Rather than offering traditional and ancillary leadership development and talent development programs, WAT&CO through its Training Institute, applies cutting-edge behavioral science to day-to-day operations, empowering people to activate and integrate new ways to work at work.

Understand that a goal-driven culture fuels performance

  • Organizations that maintain a strong sense of purpose — and activate a purpose-driven culture — are more than twice as likely to have above-average shareholder returns. Using a holistic human-centric lens, we collaborate with our clients on the fundamental pillars of HR strategy: leadership and culture, talent and skills, and enabling the HR organization to support business leaders in as a strategic partner.

For years, technology has radically transformed the way work is done, changing the skills people need for their jobs and redefining the jobs that will be needed. But the past few years have catapulted businesses five to ten years into the digital future. Virtually overnight, remote work and automated operations became the new reality.

To meet today's complex challenges, it is imperative that companies become agile, to fuel their growth, innovation and resilience within them.


Centralization boosts the performance of a wellness and beauty care giant.