Customer Centered Marketing

We help companies position themselves on the market and challenge their organization in order to strengthen their position and their differentiation in a competitive context. Develop the customer portfolio over time by activating the levers of 'acquisition and loyalty in a coherent and segmented way

Your challenges

  • More volatile customers: In the context of a crisis in purchasing power and an increase in price sensitivity, optimizing behaviors and the share promotional purchases are exploding. Customers are also more and more demanding, and faced with the multiplication of the offer, customer satisfaction is no longer always synonymous with loyalty. We then notice the emergence of the notion of price based on usage.
  • Pre-empted customer access via the Internet: Internet giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Linkdln, Alibaba, etc. have become crossroads of audience and reflexes for customers in their purchasing journey, becoming a new essential intermediary in activation strategies and preempting consumer behavioral data.
  • A lack of marketing consistency in the CIMA zone : The operating methods of many companies in the sub-region n Africa CIMA Zone remain in silos. They then have difficulty confronting new customer realities and are unable to take into account all the elements of the customer experience that may have an impact on their behavior.
  • A difficulty marketing performance measurement: The proliferation of channels and offers creates new sources of available data. However, the methods of measurement and data processing generally evolve little.

Our Approach

– Analyze the phenomena of value creation for the brand: cannibalization, additional sales, development of revenue per customer
– Analyze customer data in a consolidated manner, including with external sources (audiences, panels…)
ADOPTING A CUSTOMER VALUE APPROACH– Complement quantitative analyzes with targeted qualitative studies (ethnographic studies, focus groups, etc.)
– Propose solutions that bring value to customers
TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE CUSTOMER’S POINT OF VIEW– Opt for a small-scale approach not (having the vision as a course)
– Work on the governance of the project and ensure strong and present sponsorship in top management
– Understand, inspire, share the meaning of the customer transformation project
– Imagine the associated training and support systems (workshops & seminars, training, coaching, evolution of managerial postures…)
PERSONALIZING THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE– Identifying key moments and rolling out the experience across all touchpoints
– Developing customer relations in an ecosystem, beyond the classic territory of the brand (partnerships …)
– Playing on emotional levers (surprise, curiosity, belonging…)