Logistics and Transport Industries

We support our clients in the sector to optimize their flow of people, goods and associated services and we prepare them for the change that gives their organization and the things they depend on an ability to move more efficiently than ever before.

Transportation and logistics companies face existential threats from across the competitive landscape. Digital newcomers are redefining how to manage transport operations and serve customers. Long-time collaborators expand into adjacent spaces up and down the value chain. Even some customers, such as e-merchants, are turning into competitors.

We bring in-depth knowledge of how the travel, logistics and infrastructure sectors work.

Our transportation and logistics consulting team delivers transformations in the Post & Parcel, Transit, Shipping & Logistics industries. Our approach positions the companies that trust us to succeed in the face of current challenges. It also prepares them to ride the impending waves of change, such as shifting trends in global trade, the uncertainty and volatility of the reality of globalization, and demands from consumers and regulators for improvements in durability.

We collaborate with all our transport and logistics contractors, so that they can:

  • Shape their winning strategy: We help adapt their operating model and organization to current market realities and anticipate the changes they will need tomorrow.
  • Continuously investing in digitalization: We help dematerialize business processes in partnership with innovation players disrupting logistics operations and the transport market.
  • Delivering excellent service: With our consultants, you can deploy a multi-channel strategy to grow and deliver a satisfying end-to-end customer journey.
  • Understanding and adapting to market dynamics: We help react to current trade and tariff trends and anticipate changes.

Our main levers include:

Parcel industry Logistics and freight industry. Public transport.
Our tailor-made strategic advice enables parcel transport companies to create value from recognized brands and local customers. We help players leverage the familiarity and trust of their clients to maintain attractive profit pools. And we position them to claim and maximize the benefits of the last move. We help companies in the sector focus on their most profitable regions and markets. And we help deploy digital and analytical capabilities to unlock once-achievable value only through asset-intensive approaches. We work side-by-side with our clients, to identify and deploy powerful new digital technologies, assess and respond to changing customer demands and expectations, and determine the organizational changes needed to operate in a fiercely competitive industry.

Our transportation consultants have helped hundreds of express and parcel companies, trucking companies, third-party logistics providers, port operators, marine shippers and distributors, transportation systems in commun and other transport companies in Africa to solve complex problems.

Let us help you understand what the future holds, so you can start today.

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