Today, having a tool that allows the management of activities (finance, stock, accounting, invoice, human resources, projects, commerce, third parties, etc.), establishing communication between the different subsystems of an organization and sharing information in real time represents a major challenge for our companies. Many entities encounter enormous difficulties in sharing resources (files), in the daily management of their activities, not to mention the tedious access, or the instability of the Internet network which is intended to be unavoidable. This is how a Cameroonian company of Architecture, Design and BTP construction, wanting to facilitate the management of its activities, in particular the monitoring of construction projects (BTP), called on our team to set up a network infrastructure and deploy an appropriate software package for the management of its business and facilitating the exchange of information within the company.




Set up a network infrastructure that allows the company to centralize resources and share them with different users. In addition, deploy our ERP (WAT ERP) which will allow him to optimize the management of his company and the monitoring of construction projects.


  • Interconnected workstations that exchange or share data.
  • An installed management software package to track activities anywhere and anytime.


  • Our client can now monitor his activities remotely as desired;
  • From now on our client will be able to have statistics on all of his activities, have visibility on the work carried out by his team… he has a warehouse for all their data;
  • Users can now share resources regardless of their size without depending on the internet and those in record time.



An optimal solution to optimize file sharing between users and the deployment of a management ERP

Apart from NGOs, organizations are created for pecuniary purposes. Thus, its entities allocate a lot of resources to position themselves in our environment plagued by increasing competition. There is no doubt that being efficient and effective requires companies not only to produce value for their client through satisfactory work, but also to ensure good management of their work. It is probably for these various reasons that we were asked by our client to deploy WAT-ERP which will help him to monitor his activity (third party management, accounting management, human resources management, order management and services, inventory management, project management, monitoring of construction sites, etc.). In addition, information represents a strategic issue for the company. Nowadays, information is considered as the raw material of decision. Aware of this and anxious to communicate easily with the members of his team, to have permanent access to the Internet given that a considerable number of individuals connected to an access point contributes to the reduction in the data transmission rate this one. We were therefore asked to interconnect the various workstations, in order to establish a local network, centralize all the resources and facilitate access to them.



  • ERP deployment

After our client expressed his needs to us and added to all the information that we had also collected through observation and interviews, we proposed a solution that could meet his needs depending on his context. The deployment consisted of this:

  • Environmental Development;
  • Installation and configuration of basic modules (third parties, invoice, HR, agenda, products and services, commerce, accounting, projects);
  • Development of specific modules (project monitoring).
  • User training


  • Network infrastructure deployment

After specifying the needs and expectations of the client, we proposed a network architecture. Technically, the client wanted to centralize all its resources, connect its machines, and as director/administrator have access to all workstations.

  • Choice of architecture
  • Infrastructure design and simulation
  • Implementation (crimping, wiring)
  • Configuration
  • Testing
  • Delivery

At the end of our mission, our client now had a solution that met his needs and adapted to his needs. Most of the processing that used to be manual should be done by the ERP. Previously, it was billers, notebooks for noting stock entries and exits, TimeSheets, accounting documents and documents for project monitoring. Currently everything is done by the ERP and the data is secured in a database. We cannot forget the difficulties in terms of sharing files and even communicating internally. With a network infrastructure, sharing resources would no longer be a concern for our client.



  • +03 days for the design of the network infrastructure;
  • +03 weeks for deployment and training in the use of ERP.




Offering high value solutions to our customers drives our ethics. It was our pleasure to work for this company and to offer it the solutions described above to improve and optimize its operation and increase its productivity and even its performance.

Our intervention was to deploy a business management software package and to interconnect all the company's machines to allow them to communicate with each other. They now have a tool that will allow them to follow their projects, their customers, to manage their activities (commerce, invoice, accounting, HR). From now on, the director could have access to all the machines and they could communicate with each other without however depending on the internet.


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