Free Comparizo Business Plan

Our solution aims to be the benchmark for comparisons of Bancassurance products in Africa CIMA Zone.
The solution offers the Internet user a consulting service for the choice of banking and insurance products. Social security coverage, school loans, opening of accounts…:
it is becoming more and more difficult to make the best choice between these establishments. This is what gave the idea of ​​an online comparator. It includes a summary table
making it easy to compare banks, a test for each of the services, as well as a series of questions and answers to determine which is the best bank at the moment. The user:
Executive, liberal profession, student, civil servant, business manager… Depending on your profile, some banks are more suited to your needs than others; hence the importance
of choosing the right bank and social coverage. Indeed, banking institutions build their range of products and their customer portfolio according to their commercial policy,
their marketing strategy and the positioning they wish to have on the market.

The principle is first to know the customer and his realities in order to offer him the bank that is supposed to save him the most. For this, our comparator asks him some strategic
questions about his consumption and his needs in banking services in order to develop typical profiles. However, most bank prices are similar and for the majority of profiles with
low consumption of banking services (classic card, online statements, no assistance or insurance, etc.), the prices will be the same. To be more effective, our bank comparator
will have to identify the main prices on the market as well as the way of operating.
Our comparator is an innovative decision-making tool in the CIMA zone, which must be reliable, free and direct, allowing any user to change banks without wasting time, to save
money on banking services if necessary, to compare market offers at a glance in line with the ferrets site for the CIMA zone.
We will start with Cameroon before expanding. To have the business plan, click here, to receive a digital copy.