Quickbread Business plan

Bakery and pastry products occupy an important place in the diet in Cameroon. Industrial wheat-based bread (65 g/person/day) represents three-quarters of cereal consumption. Bread is therefore the second food the most consumed in Cameroon.

However, the crisis having caused the rise in the price of wheat flour, the bakeries had to find tricks to survive. In order to cope with the successive rise in flour prices, some operators have chosen various options. The most committed is to reduce the weight of pain in order to save money and support the charges, they defend themselves. Another measure to face the flight of the price of flour, the reduction of the profit margins of the deliverers. Reduction of between 5 and 20 CFA Francs depending on the bakers. For 04 years, the price of flour has experienced a successive increase on the international market. The outbreak has intensified with the coronavirus crisis and its effects on world trade. Several bakeries then closed shops, in the meantime the demand for bread was growing, so crooked people entered the market for the production of baguettes. This has caused a proliferation of bakeries in the neighborhoods. In the majority of these bakeries operating in Cameroon, the production and distribution circuit does not meet standards. And often potassium bromate, a carcinogenic and toxic to health substance, is used to abnormally increase the volume of kneaded flour dough. There is also the presence of saccharin and other synthetic sweeteners in these breads. Thus, the proliferation of these clandestine bakeries due to the strong demand for the products offered there is also an exceptional activity. Because manufactured clandestinely, that is to say in premises flouting basic rules of hygiene as well as metrology, the quality of these breads is questionable.

Based on this observation, several inhabitants of Cameroonian cities have started to select their bread supplier. Good bakeries being rare, we then witness an alignment going as far as jostling. We therefore offer a solution that will allow bread consumers to have the best possible bread on time at home or in their office.

The potential of this solution is enormous, moreover there are no applications offering these services yet, and we are solving a social problem, by fighting against dubious bakeries.

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