CIMA Modernizes its work tools, are the Companies – ready for BI?

The data was always to the c.ur of the insurer's profession. Numerous insurance companies in Zone CIMA are establishing, an analytic culture within the enterprise. Thanks to the numeric revolution, the volume of the accessible data for the insurances becomes especially important and the nature of these is very various. It is for it that in 2019 the CIMA threw for its secretariat the development of a numeric platform of collection and treatment of the financial and statistical states of the societies of insurance and reassurance permitting :

    -The collection under numeric format, of the financial and statistical states of the enterprises of insurances and the entities of reassurances.
-The generation of the reports of validation of the different states transmitted and of the quality of the data produced.
-The treatment of the data transmitted to produce the control panels and the tools of help to the decision and to the supervision.
The General Secretariat of the CIMA should define new requirements therefore concerning reporting and collection of data, and to impose it to his/her/its 184 societies of insurances and his/her/its 19 entities of reassurances.  For every company therefore, to transmit, of the coherent and reliable data becomes therefore an undid. In his/her/its role, the CIMA wants to improve the picture of the sector meaningfully and to allow the insurers to exploit the whole potential of growth of the insurance in each of the States members, what a good initiative is, but the companies of insurances and reassurance will they be ready?

In beginning of year, the FANAF underlined that the enterprises of the Zone CIMA are far from the revolution concerning Dated: The real absence of the governance of the data, the systems of information badly calibrated, the absence or the bad storage of the prospecting data, the use of the incompatible ERP with the realities and the CIMA code makes that our companies are truly late.

The collection and the exploitation of the data became an imperative. Even for the companies that make of the collection, in spite of all the computerization, the feeling is always the more used in the decision making. In spite of all the computerization, several managers took bad decisions for lack of information! What seems contradictory.

"Every week we have a lot of declared disasters in one of our branches and we are not himself capable to know if this branch is profitable or no. We don't have any weekly indicators to estimate a factor of risk adapted to customer's type, our data processing cannot leave these states that once by time ". Director Administratif & Financier of an insurance society.

"We have several big customers. They make every days a lot of declarations and we don't even know if our new products make us to win or to lose money." Director of a broker.

"I don't have any information on the state of my resources / remploi and I discover every end of month of the situations of the deficits. If I had these indicators every week I won't have any such deficits ". Director Financier of a bank.

The performances of the company in CIMA zone will depend on the mastery of his/her/its information. We enter therefore in a new context for the insurance companies, that will be obliged to collect for them of the data, to exploit them, and to transmit to the regulator of the reliable and applicable information. WAT&CO, accompany the directions profession Accounting, Control of management, Finance, Risk, Liquidity, Authorized, Marketing, Commercial in the collection and the valorization of their capital data.