In order to optimize his/her/its working, one SPCA / Center of beauty wished to digitize some of his/her/its activities. In order to conquer leader's position on his/her/its market, the center, wished to do a global transformation of the society while putting the customer to the c.ur of the enterprise. To accompany it in this challenge, our mission was to define a strategy" then experience customer" to decline it in a program of operational transformation and to come with our customer in his/her/its bets in .uvre. Our customer solicited the services of the practiced WAT&CO, specialists in business development and digitalisation. These last integrated our customer's organization temporarily as Business Analyst and Business to Develop, and took in hand the management of two big projects: of business development and digitalisation.

To value the performance of the enterprise in terms of experience customer, to define a new strategy, to decline it in an operational transformation plan and to come with our customer in the setting in .uvre of the plan. To plan, to manage and to supervise the spreading of the digitalisation of the operations via a robust ERP / CRM, éfficace to the distrustful costs all conccurences.

-The hold in hand of the management of digital projects of HAS to Z
-A clear definition of the needs of the different teams implied
-A new vision of enterprise oriented" experience customer" with a positioning and a strategic axis strong
-Of the objectives clearly defined in agreement with this new vision
-A list structured of the yards to lead to transform the enterprise
-The setting up of a governance to pilot the whole of the projects and to carry through their realization
-An internal mobilization plan to prepare the conduct of the change
-A waybill for the official launching of the program of transformation
-A digital transformation coordinated and managed with professionalism
-Of the activities and processes implémentés on time, entirely functional and effective

-Of the teams aligned everything along the progress of the project
-The rise in expertise of beauty technicians in their benefits
-The integration of a digital culture within the organization
-A new competitive advantage that permitted to reconquer leader's position
-A strong, shared enterprise vision and transported by the set of the employees
-A backing of the organization that permitted to carry through the yards of transformation
-A community of faithful and satisfied customers
-An organization that meets the expectation of the market grace better notably to the digitalisation of some activities
-An ERP / CRM that centralizes information

In detail
"The experience customer": a new tool permitting to differentiate itself/themselves of the competition
According to the sector or the domain in which are active the enterprises, the orientation of the business will be different. Some privilege a politics of low price for example while others will put the accent on the creation of value. Since several years, the experience customer became an approach permitting to differentiate itself/themselves while creating the value and to get a lasting competitive advantage thus. She/it aims to increase the quality of the experience lived by the customers before, during and after an act of purchase.

For KARANI CENTER, the big promise of this approach" experience customer" is to get in return on behalf of his/her/its customers :

-A bigger fidelity to the mark
-A bigger appétence for proposed new products / services
-A positive influence by potentials new customers

To succeed this promise, the enterprise must put the customer to the c.ur of his/her/its organization. It sometimes implies a major and transverse yard of internal transformation, so much to the level of the organization that in the processes and the system of information.

On the other hand, the digital transformation is a major preoccupation of the enterprises: that it is to increase the turnover or the experience customer, to optimize the operational efficiency or simply to remain competitive. One speaks of" fourth industrial revolution ". To digitize the enterprise is not more merely a question of opportunity, it is a requirement of the economic environment which is necessary to adjust, a new standard to adopt not to put in peril the everlastingness of the enterprise.

Several projects had already been thrown concerning notably the branding, the launching of a new offer of services as well as the digitalisation of the enterprise. But to go farther in the gait and, in order to federate the set of the projects in progress, the CEO wished to make of the experience customer the main axis of a new vision of enterprise. He/it called therefore on our services to help it to define a new strategy oriented on" the experience customer" and to accompany it in the digital transformation of the enterprise.

To organize the digitalisation in an intelligent manner
In an optics of optimization and innovation of the organization, our customer wished to digitize some activities while developing two big projects of digital transformation notably. To carry through these required at least an available, competent and experienced resource. WAT&CO has been solicited therefore to offer his/her/its support while placing at disposal the services of one of his/her/its experts in Business Development and digitalisation.

To organize these projects of digital transformation, our customer opted for the approach of the" convergence" :

-there were the" teams professions" of the different services concerned by the transformation on one hand ;
-on the other hand the IT team in charge of the development of the solutions ;
-and between two, our expert, taking the role of Business Analyst and taking in hand the management of these big yards.
Before can define any strategy, it was essential to conduct an audit of the maturity of the enterprise in terms" of experience customer ". Documentary analysis, interviews and harvests of data permitted to make a point of situation. It was then possible to measure the gap between what was made and the situation wished by the customer. The gotten results were the subject of a restitution presented to the general Direction. She/it was the starting point to define the strategy adapted integrating the different yards in progress.

This first phase permitted to show notably that, up to here, the activities of the enterprise were essentially dictated by the offer marketing: one was only very little to the customer's monitoring. To the contrary of this vision, the strategy that we proposed put the customer to the c.ur of everything, the organization becoming" customer-centric ". This strategy allowed the society to have the bases to reach his/her/its new ambition: to become the number 1 in terms of satisfaction customer and to conquer the statute of leader of beauty institute.

A transformation in several phases, tested on several months, and to open out on several years
The adherence and the involvement of the direction Committee to the project were necessary. The changes were going to be important and it was essential to make understand the interest and the profits of the gait in order to federate the leaders. Among them, some were especially skeptical as for the concrete advantages of a strategy" experience customer ". In order to convince them of the impact positive of this one, we presented them a roadmap of transformation on several years including the whole of the yards to lead as well as the discounted financial gains and an evaluation of the increase of the parts of markets.

Once the validated project, we guided our customer in the setting up of a project governance to pilot the program of transformation. We opened out an ERP, that was going to permit to clear the first concrete results quickly then. Finally, we came with our customer until the launching of the operational phase while sustaining it at the time of the kick-off of the program.

All along the operational phase, our experts played the roles of supervisors and mediators between the IT team and the teams of the departments concerned by the changes, mainly the Operations, the Marketing and the finance. This activity is of a fundamental importance: it is her that permits to manage the relation between the different teams, to help them to converse and to be aligned on the development of the project. His/her/its role was also to insure that l' expanded ERP / CRM really answers the needs and that he brings the added value waited to the organization.

The collaborators to the c.ur of the change
To the level of the Direction, it was about preparing the leaders to manage the big yards. To the level of the employees, it was necessary to instill a vision oriented satisfaction customer. It was necessary to reconsider the whole of the activities of which some have must be digitized. We also reviewed the manner to work each of the collaborators, their perception of the enterprise and their interactions with the customers. The employees were to the c.ur of the change: they were the main actors of it and success depended largely on their implication.

In the goal to optimize the progress of the project, our experts chose the Agile method. Based on a cycle of development of one month, this method of work permitted to put the profession directly in the center of the decisions and to the team project to get a regular feedback in order to apply the necessary changes directly. She/it aimed to accelerate the development of the IT solution. Besides, she/it assured the realization of a functional solution all along the length of his/her/its creation. A reassuring method for the customer who keeps a certain control and an understanding of that that are made effectively. The two projects have can be led thus to term of optimal manner, perfectly answering the customer's demand.

To capitalize in the management of project to maximize his/her/its odds of success
While calling on an external resource, expert in the domain, neutral and available, our customer invested in the guarantee to see his/her/its projects to be led in a professional and efficient manner. Otherwise, the integration to the internal teams of our specialists during several months allowed them to go up in expertise: they are conscious of that that the setting up of similar projects represents henceforth and will be able to plan the future projects bound to the digital transformation of the organization and the experience customer better.

In numbers
1 strategy developed in two months
+98% of the products of the site are automatically integrated in the ERP
4 months for the global management of the project
1 ERP and 1 expanded CRM and used
78% of the processes digitized
15 people implied through the different teams
12 workshops

In the finality
To digitize the enterprise (or in this precise case, an organization to no-lucrative goal) represents a challenge and imply an important investment in terms of resources. To the era of the digital, she/it is necessary and all entity that wishes to be perennial and competitive must to integrate a part of digitalisation to his/her/its strategy.

Often, the leaders are conscious of this need but don't know how to approach the topic nor which way to begin because they don't have any experienced resources to disposition. It is why, to call on an external actor who will know will take in hand the management of the project in order to carry it through in an optimal manner is an excellent alternative.

Thanks to this benefit, our customer is henceforth more competitive and federated the set of the collaborators around the vision of the enterprise. The activities and people are now all gathered around a common goal: the customer's satisfaction above all.

To transform an enterprise as orienting it toward a strategy" experience customer" is a challenge of size. It represents an important yard and a daring gait but that, in the case where they are led with success, generate positive impacts on the long term.